about the festival


The biannual BRIK Festival (formerly known as the International Stiltefestival) was
initiated by dance company de Stilte in 2011. It originated from the company’s
desire to share the many beautiful performances encountered on its international
tours with their audience in Breda. Offering children and adults the opportunity
to travel the world of non-verbal theatre in just one week, without having to leave

The festival books poetic performances for children aged zero to twelve, their
parents, grandparents, teachers and guardians. Performances that stimulate
children’s imagination and allow space for personal interpretation. Performances
without words. Because de Stilte knows all too well that, to convey a story, a body
can do just fine on its own.

Most of the performances are presented at the Chassé Theatre and the Stilte
Theatre but the festival also shows (freely accessible) performances in open air:
at the town square, at cultural heritage sites or in parks.

BRIK is curated by Mohamed Elghawy from Cairo, Egypt since 2017. Now, each
edition of the festival hosts over fifteen international companies as well as a
number of Dutch companies. In 2019 the festival presented 73 shows over
12 days – 35 school performances, 12 public performances and 21 performances
in the city centre of Breda – and welcomed over 21.000 youthful visitors.

The festival receives structural funding from the Dutch Fund for Performing Arts,
the province of Noord-Brabant and the municipality of Breda.
The sixth edition of BRIK will take place
in June 2022.

New name (rebranding)

The first four editions of the festival went by the name International Stiltefestival. From our fifth edition onwards we have changed our name to BRIK festival (Brabant’s International children’s festival). The foundation of the festival remains, there will still be one of a kind imaginative performances from all over the world. Not only in theatres, but also in open air. However some changes were made to the festival. Since 2019 Mohamed Elghawy is the artistic director of BRIK. In 2017, he was involved as curator to help de Stilte find the most unique and special shows. Mohamed Elghawy, also introduced other dutch companies to BRIK, such as Kwatta and VolDaan

New in 2019

  • For the talent development programme we worked  together with MAAS, Schippers & Van Gucht and de Stilte. They supervised young creators in the development process of short performances that will take place at BRIK. 
  • A select group of performances went on tour to various elementary schools in Brabant.
  • The biggest and most exciting change was that the festival moved to the city centre of Breda! At the heart of the festival beautiful performances and exciting play installations took place.

The festival main hub is open everyday at 10:00am.

BRIK, the festival mascot!

BRIK is not only the name of the festival, but also for the mascot! The life size teddy with his lanky tentacles will be roaming around the city centre of Breda. You will be able to find him during events such as kings day, Breda jazz festival and of course during his own festival, BRIK! Kids can give him a warm hug or take a photo!

 BRIK festival is PIN only

Facts and figures

  • The festival started in 2011 and takes place every two years
  • The performances are for children ages 0-12 years old as well as older people who would like to join
  • We will present eleven Dutch Premieres
  • De Stilte will present three new performances, ‘De Ontspoking’, ‘Mankind’ and ‘Do-Re-Mi-Ka-Do’
  • There are 73 shows in 12 days; 35 School performances: 12 performances in theatres and 21 performances in the city.
  • We expect to receive 17.000 youthful visitors