Interrelational ecology and immersion

Lecturer: Dalija Acin Thelander

Lecture will introduce my choreographic practice for babies, grounded in sensorial perceptual perspective, by presenting the key aspects of my work: notion of choreography as expanded practice; synergy of choreography and installation art; sensuous interrelationship of body-mind-environment; agency as politicized aesthetic practice, and mutually influential exchange between the performers and audience.

By presenting each of my performances for babies I will introduce the choreographic
methods, main approaches related to performative practice and movement/dance and
emphasize the general concerns related to performing and creating for babies. The
lecture aims to encourage rethinking and challenge the concepts and aesthetics of
performing arts for babies, both from the perspective of creating and performativity. It
includes brief introduction to latest developmental scientific research on infants relevant
for practice. The participants interested in relevant literature will be provided with the
selection of texts and references.

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Location: Theater de Stilte
Duration: 90 min

Lecture includes visual materials/photo documentation.
Language: English

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Interrelational ecology and immersion

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