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Opening BRIK Festival

The Children-Spectators

Exhibition Children-Spectators: a Mapping perspective

Out of the Box (5+)

Start thinking ‘Out of the Box’.

de TussenTijdCapsule (4+)

Learn to discover again in the TussenTijdCapsule

IK… eh ik (6+)

The wonderful world of the man and the goldfish

Rain Rain (8+)

Patience and Bird are waiting for rain in the dusty, dry heat of the American Dust Bowl when Clanky Jane arrives with her ‘Cloud-O-Matic’ rain making machine

Rebetiko (9+)

Dolls, projections and what it's like to live as a refugee

Brut de Bestioles (ALL)

A walk through Valkenberg has never been an adventure like this

Monstres Jeux (ALL)

The games you never played before

The Consolation Prize (7+)

“Seen from the moon, we are all the same size” - Multatuli, Idea 155

Wait a Minute (0,5+)

From an assembly kit, a world unfolds. Snow-white objects fill the void. A small table, a stool, a door, a tiny piano. But wait a minute… is somebody here?

Jojo (5+)

Will you get enchanted by orangutan Jojo?

Fly Me To The Moon (ALL)

Two clowns on a flying bicycle going on a dream trip

Circles (2+)

How beginning and end merge in circles in sand

Früh Stück (3+)

When your voice is suddenly part of the performance

Lieux dits (ALL)

Dance and spinning in a turning world

Boule de Neige (ALL)

A driving alp trying to catch your attention

Matta Matta (5+)

Everything you want to do with gym mats and more!

Appel D’air (9+)

A bed like an ice floe and a mini cinema in your head

Farewell (2+)

A musical adventure about a sea of dreams. For anyone who feels lonely sometimes.

Un Vache de Manège et son Orgameuh (ALL) (CANCELLED)

Take a seat in the cow-rousel

Tiébélé (1,5+)

Past and present mix in a drawing of clay


How unexpected shared memories connect

Ready, Steady, GO! (2+)

Cross over mountains and through the sea with Sofia and her mother

La Poétique de l’instable (6+)

Are you looking for stability at all costs?