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Interrelational ecology and immersion

Lecture will introduce my choreographic practice for babies, grounded in sensorial perceptual perspective, by presenting the key aspects of my work: notion of choreography as expanded practice; synergy of choreography and installation art; sensuous interrelationship of body-mind-environment; agency as politicized aesthetic practice, and mutually influential exchange between the performers and audience.

Official opening BRIK Festival

The Stilte festival changes their name after four editions to BRIK otherwise known as the Brabant’s Internationaal kinderfestival. Besides the rebranding of the name and look the foundation of the festival remains the same; breath-taking universal theatre and dance performances from across the globe for babies, toddlers and children as well as their parents and grandparents. We sincerely invite everybody to join our official opening of the BRIK festival on Wednesday the 5th of June.

To Be Continued... - The Netherlands (2+, 3+)

Be surprised by the new talent with shows for the young ones. The BRIK festival is offering the new generation of makers the chance to present their work for the youngest audience. The programme of ‘To be Continued’ (Wordt Vervolgd in Dutch) is set up in collaboration with Maas Theatre and Dance Company, Shippers&VanGucht and dance company de Stilte.

Happy Hour - England (All Ages)

What is it like to meet someone for the first time in a busy place? How do you make contact? How do you react to one other? How do you show that you like the other person... or not? How does the first dance together feel? And was your first impression correct or were you completely mistaken? A man and woman investigate this in a playful and funny duet.